How to Operate Your Table Saw SafeTy

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The first time we get a table saw safety instruction is usually from the manual which came with table saw. But now I think there are a lot of web pages on the internet discussing this important information.

Operating table saw needs the operators to be aware of the risk of injuries, so it’s recommended to put a safety instruction on a prominent place, with clear and easy-to-read words, so every worker in our workshop can see and read it before they’re getting busy with their table saw.

In-depth Training

All table saw operators should be previously trained well by a more experienced operator or employee regarding the importance of job safety. Table saw owner’s manual has to be read carefully and deeply understood. Doing so will help you reduce the number of accidents or injuries in your workshop.

When working with table saw, always make sure that these personal protective equipments are worn by operators:

Safety glasses.
Gloves when changing or inspecting the saw blade.
Ear plugs.
Face shield if needed.